Tuesday Market / Garden Design Consultation

WHAT DO YOU THINK ?  we would like your views

The Town Council is planning to re model the garden next to the memorial hall.   This has not yet been finalised and will depend on the costs and funding available.

The District Council has decided to withdraw from running the weekly market.  The Town Council is looking at the possibility of running the market.   This therefore gives us the impetus to move forward with this plan.

We are keen to have a safe space in the centre of town for open air events. The aim to move the Tuesday market to this area was part of the neighbourhood plan accepted by the people of Wirksworth in 2015. The farmers’ market is successful in this area, we hope by developing the area further we would encourage more events and markets drawing people into the town. 

Local shopkeepers have indicated that the lack of parking on Tuesdays has a serious effect on their trade. The move from the market place car park will allow more parking in the town on Tuesdays. 

We have employed a landscape architect who has drawn three designs.

We asked that any design should

  • respect the war memorial and accommodate the remembrance events
  • retain as much of the present greenery and trees as possible
  • provide a space for public events
  • provide space for market stalls

 The three designs are:

(Click against each option to open the design)

Design 1  - Enclosed Garden

  • encloses an area near the war memorial, but would limit space e.g. would not accommodate everyone on Remembrance Sunday.
  • gives space for about 11 stalls

Design 2 - Semi Open Garden

  • encloses the area around the memorial in a less formal way, links space between both areas
  • provides more space for events within the garden
  • gives space for about 12 stalls

Design 3 - Open Garden

  • gives the  largest space for public events
  • give a large open area around the memorial
  • gives space for about 20 stalls

 Before we go any further we would like your views. Please let us know..

  • To ensure the Tuesday  Market continues,  should the Town Council take oever the running of the Market ?
  • Which design do  you prefer ?
  • Anything else you think we should consider as part of the plan ?

You can provide feedback by :

The consultation will close on 27/10/17

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