Consultation on Primary Education in Wirksworth:

The consultation by Derbyshire County Council will close on 20/01/18  (an extension is being sought - see below)

  The Town Council has already responded to the consultation as follows:

 Resolution C099/17 - "That the Town Council support the option A – Middleton Rd site as the only viable and suitable location, however we would wish to ensure that any reduction in Industrial Units and potential creation of additional employment should be mitigated by development of alternative sites within the Town. To request that DCC hold a public meeting to raise awareness of the consultation and provide the opportunity for residents discuss and comment on the issue."

 The consultation posed two questions:

Question: Where would be the best location for a new school whether it is as a replacement school for existing pupils and pupils generated by new development, or new stand-alone school to address population increase through the growth of Wirksworth?

 Three sites were proposed, 1 on the potential Tarmac development off Middleton Rd ( also bounded by Cromford Rd) and two sites within the Quarry (adjacent to Stoney Wood & Greenhill/The Dale)

 The Town Council decided that Option A is most appropriate

 The council feel that it is vital to retain a notified site for primary education for Wirksworth. Choosing Option A at this stage does not preclude consideration of another site if one became available in the future, but does safeguard a space for educational use.

 Furthermore, choosing Option A  does not prescribe a model of education for the future (see 2nd question posed ).

 However, once the matter of which site should be notified is resolved,  this will provide sufficient clarity for Tarmac to determine how to progress with the development on Middleton Rd/Cromford Rd site.

 Question: Should the existing infant and junior schools be replaced with a new school to serve the whole of Wirksworth OR should the existing infant and junior schools be retained and a new additional primary school be provided to serve the population increase in Wirksworth?

 The Town Council did not feel it had sufficient understanding of the issue to respond to this question and instead facilitated a meeting (on 9/1/18)  for all local schools (from Early Years to Secondary) with officers from DCC to provide a better understanding of the issue in order to support them in responding on the matter.

 At the meeting, whilst it was generally felt that Option A (school site location) was most appropriate, it was not felt that there was sufficient time to respond on the issue of future school provision  -  to address this individuals and groups should respond to the consultation requesting an extension of the deadline to Friday 23 March 2018 to allow schools (and their representatives) to feed back to their steering groups and Governing Bodies and prepare a more detailed response.

If a extension is granted - an update will be provided on the Town Council website.



Last Updated: 16 January 2018

Stoney Wood

Stoney Wood is Wirksworth's Millennium woodland planted in the area recovered from Stonecroft Quarry. The land on which the wood is planted was donated by Tarmac Ltd to Wirksworth Town Council. The original planting was started by Tarmac but later sections were planted by local adults and children in a project ...

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Memorial Hall:- the Hall & Kitchen are available to hire for meetings, parties, fayres, events and classes/groups, during the day & evening during week days and weekends.

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