The Town Council own and/or maintain the following:

 Property owned by Wirksworth Town Council

  • Town Hall (including Library, Age Concern Shop and Osteopath unit), rear garden and side yard 
                    Easting:  428761.66        Northing:   354031.74        OS Grid Ref:  SK287540      
  • Memorial Hall and rear garden 
                    Easting:  428716.95        Northing:   353818.86        OS Grid Ref: SK287538      
  • Gardens alongside Memorial Hall including War Memorial
                    Easting:  428723.55        Northing:   353834.98        OS Grid Ref: SK287538      
  • Stoney Wood
                    Easting:  428535.58        Northing:   354367.02        OS Grid Ref:  SK285543      
  • Bolehill Carpark
                    Easting:  429219.95        Northing:   354933.71      

 OS Grid Ref:  SK292549      

  •  Wash Green Play Area

                    Easting:  429330.34        Northing:   354013.09      

 OS Grid Ref:  SK293540      

  •  Fanny Shaw Community Building (under construction)

                    Easting:  428757.87       Northing:   354376.85     

 OS Grid Ref:  SK287543      

Bus Shelters maintained by Wirksworth Town Council

  1. Steeple Grange (Left just up from the dentist)
  2. Steeple Grange (Right opposite Malthouse Close entrance)
  3. St John Street (outside the Memorial Hall)
  4. Harrison Drive
  5. Oat Hill
  6. Kingsfield 

Grit Bins maintained by Wirksworth Town Council

  1. King Edward Street
  2. Yokecliffe Drive (No 40)
  3. Yokecliffe Hill (top)
  4. Willowbath Lane/Bournebrook Avenue junction
  5. Spring Close
  6. Bolehill (Stoney Hill)
  7. Copse Close/Yokecliffe Drive corner
  8. Snowfield estate
  9. Oat Hill (police house courtyard)
  10. Yokecliffe Avenue (corner where path leads to playground)
  11. Recreation Road/Stafford Crescent junction
  12. Barmote Croft/Chapel Lane junction
  13. Yokecliffe Crescent
  14. Walkers Hill (off The Dale)
  15. Puzzle Garden/Green Hill

Stoney Wood

Stoney Wood is Wirksworth's Millennium woodland planted in the area recovered from Stonecroft Quarry. The land on which the wood is planted was donated by Tarmac Ltd to Wirksworth Town Council. The original planting was started by Tarmac but later sections were planted by local adults and children in a project ...

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Hiring the Hall

Main Hall

The Main Hall is large, suitable for a variety of uses - dance, exercise, large meeting space, wedding reception, family parties, musical events, etc, whilst other rooms - the Club Room, Ante Room, Council Chamber, are suited to smaller classes/groups. All rooms are available for hire during the day and evening, weekdays and weekends.

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Council Meetings

Environment & Town Affairs
(Usually held on the first Monday of the month)
Finance, Buildings & Personnel
(Usually held on the second Monday of the month)
Town Council Meeting
(Usually held on the third Monday of the month)

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